Monday, October 16, 2006

The Season So Far

I feel that I am only writing in this now after our recent success. Last week we won our second game for the season. The scoreline 17-8. It looks like it is all starting to come together, wining feels good and the team that we are playing tonight we beat earlier in the season. If we can hold out for a few more victories it might end up being a half decent year for us.

Of course I haven't talked about the wankers that are playing in the comp. There is a team there of semi-professionals who dominate every week. Why would you play in a competition where you dominate? Isn't the idea to better yourself. Obviously wherever else they play they are so shit that they get beaten all the time. It reminds me of the tennis tournaments that I use to go to, I would play in a level that was above me so that I could be better as a player. Then you get some jerk off who should be in an A grade playing in a D grade and going on about how he won the tournament. Big deal, I'm sure all they do is go and put the trophy in some cabinet so that they can whack off to it.

Glad I got that off my chest. Here's hoping for tonight.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Just to make my life more busy I am now captaining a netball team on Monday nights, it consists of my fiance Janelle, two of my best friends Daniel and Greg, Greg's wife Kathy, my sister Rebecca and her best friend Melissa, then there is Zoe, Elise and Febey (when she shows up). So far we have had two grading games, the first we lost by one goal and the second we lost by three. We take a little while to start up but we have caught up to a both teams towards the end of each game. We did find out however the last team that we played have been playing for about three seasons together, considering most of our team haven't played for quite a few years (Greg and Daniel have never played before) we are doing quite well. Looking forward to a really fun season, I love competitive sports and I haven't been playing for a while so I am really excited.


That's right ladies and gentleman, I am now playing baseball. I have added a link on my blogpage the club I am playing for, Panton Hill Redbacks. I'm not going to lie, I really love playing it. Although I am still only learning the rules of the game and the basic skills, it is highly enjoyable. I am now about 5 weeks in and we did some drills the other night on plays that might be in the game whilst we are fielding. For most Americans I suppose they will be pretty much old hat, but just what you are suppose to do when there is one out and a runner on first and a runner on second. I am now even learning the hand signals, although it does look like a pretty straight forward game, you know, you go up to the plate smash the ball and hope to get a run. But there are so many tactics involved and you do have to remember that you are playing for the team, if you can get someone home you have to forsake your own personal glory and get them home, it is not important if you make it or not. Overall a really great game to play and I am playing it with a really nice group of guys. Have a look at the site, we need sponsors too so anyone out there that may think that advertising through us could help there business check it out.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Whats happening.

Not a lot going on at the moment, haven't written in this for ages (again). I've been getting active again, I haven't really played any sport for about five years, so I've taken up baseball and I have to tell you I really enjoy it. There is a pretty technical aspect to the whole game, and it is definately not as easy as it looks to strike the ball. I am playing for Panton Hill, haven't won anything yet but there are some real positive signs.

I've also started up a netball team. Of course I am the captain, not for any other reason than I am the one that asked everyone. The name of the team is Black on White, which is the name of the alternative strip that Eddie McGuire put forward as Collingwood's alternative strip. The season hasn't started yet, but is due to start in July. We've got a pretty strong side in so I think that we'll do good.

Heading off down to Point Lonsdale for a surf and a fish this weekend. It will be freezing, but the good surf is only in winter down here. I've got a 4/3 steamer, so whilst my body won't feel anything, my hands and feet will. Luckily by the time I get back to the place we are staying at, Janelle will still be in bed and can help warm me up. That's about it, not too exciting but I don't seem to have any spare time.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Wedding Farce

"What a load of crap", these are the words I want to say to every person that I speak about prices for the wedding. On Friday the 9th of March 2007 Janelle and I will wed so currently everything we are doing revolves around looking for all those extras that you need for that very special day. But it does seem that everyone is cashing in on this experience and basically everything costs $1000, or multiples of that. I always thought the most important part was the ceremony itself, but that is not the case anymore. It is the hair, the makeup, the dress, the suits, the cars, the cake, the flowers, the reception, the band, the invites, the bombonniere.

For starters it isn't a full mass anymore, basically the bride walks into the church, the priest says two words and you are married. There is nothing in it anymore, no love, no commitment just a couple of quick words and you are married. Who goes back and looks at their wedding vows and determines if they are still committing to them, not many I'm guessing.

For most groomsmen, the day probably starts about two hours before the ceremony where they get dressed jump in the car then head to the church, for the bride and her bridesmaids it probably starts at about 7:00 am and begins from there, so by the time you actually get to the reception you are so stuffed that all you want to do is finish the night and go home.

But good god it is expensive, everything just costs so much. Let's start with the reception, 120 people at about $100 per head you don't have to be a mathematician to work out how much that is. This is just for people to sit down and eat and we probably aren't even paying as much as some other people (and when I say we, I mean our parents). Then there is the rest, the flowers I haven't priced yet so not too sure on that one. The cars are about $1000, the cake is anywhere between (if you go by the prices I saw at Myer today) are between $600 and $1000, and once again I'm sure that you could pay a lot more for this.

The music ranges from DJ's at a pretty decent price for the length of time that you have them, to three piece bands for about $1500, and if you are as stupid as some families are (I heard a story of an Italian guy marrying a Macedonian girl, they had two bands because the Italians would only dance to Italian music and likewise for the Macedonians) well, what more is there to say?

I have no idea what the dresses are worth but I definitely think it can be the sky is the limit on these things. For something that you are going to wear once in your life, worry about the whole day you are wearing it then to be put away in a box and chucked up into a cupboard somewhere it hardly seems worth it. As far as I'm concerned as long as the girl turns up, it doesn't matter what she is wearing. The suits, how hard is that! I've got a deal for the hire of all the suits, this is the first chance I've had today to go and look at them b out because the deal runs out at the end of the week, I need to have everyone sized up, I mean what the hell, the wedding isn't for a years time. Why can't I just hand over the credit card, say I want that and that and then worry about that later, what bloody difference does it make what size I am yet. I might be either side of my current size by the time the wedding comes around (hopefully the smaller size).

The photography is the same, the sky is the limit, you pay for what you want, you can get a pretty basic package, someone using a pretty cheap SLR with film and all they do is give you the negatives, to full on packages that are worth in excess of $5000; this is also the same for Videography. Of course every company justifies what they are doing, "oh you know, you need studio time to determine this" there is the pre-wedding arrangements and the after wedding arrangements.

What does annoy me more than anything else when organizing a wedding is hearing all the stories from everyone else who has done one or is about to do so, or might do it in the future or blah blah blah.

Let me state this right now, our parents are helping significantly in the monetary sense for this wedding, without their support who knows what would have happened. I can not stand anyone who talks about what they are getting for their wedding, where you should go to get your dress, the suits, the jewellery, how many are going to the reception. They all talk shit, the simple fact of the matter is that their parents pay for everything, if they have the $5000 photographer and the $5000 videographer and the $5000 dress and they have 600 people at the wedding and they are travelling around the world for their honeymoon, they aren't paying for it their parents are. Yet all they do is take about how much an effort it has been for them. I tell you one thing, someone gives me an open cheque book, I'll give you a wedding of the likes you've never seen before. Never once will you hear any of these people praise their parents for providing them with such a lavish fare, they just expect it.

Well that's enough of a niggle for the moment, it is after all a special day. I just think the significance has moved too far away from what the day is really about and too much on the materialistic nature of our society. Sure, we are caught up in it also, but let me leave you with this thought. How many people have thought the measly $400 you have to give to the church parish for the ceremony is excessive?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Greg and Kathy's Wedding

Just waking up the next morning after one of my best mates wedding. What a great day it was, the weather was perfect, Kathy and Greg both looked amazing, the bride's maids all looked stunning and us guys were quite dashing. Only one little hitch but if you were there you wouldn't have even noticed. The reception was at Normanby house in Thornbury which was funnily enough built by Kathy's great great uncle. I had a smashing time and took a boat load of photos, one of which I am posting today.

Monday, February 27, 2006

More Grape Grazing

My beautiful fiance and me at the Grape Grazing event, I think I'd only downed about a bottle by this point. By the end of the day I felt great, no hangover the next day because I didn't mix my drinks, I drank plenty of water and the wine was good quality (well it was O.K. quality) but still better than a reception hall! She is wearing her happy face today, about a half an hour before this was taken I bet she didn't look like that (little mix up with the buses, but nothing to do with me, this time anyway).

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Grape Grazing

Just a quick line about the wonderful day that I had on the weekend at the Yarra Valley grape grazing festival. What a day, after a small stuff up at the start with the buses I eventually caught up with my fiance and enjoyed a day filled with drinking glass after glass of wine. Highly recommend it to all you wine enthusiasts out there.

I think this picture of my friend James really sums up the day, a bit burnt, glass in hand and spreading the love he has to give to everyone.